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Private Limited Company Registration is the most common and suitable form of entity for carrying out business in India with a long term objective. A Pvt Ltd Company Registration is Incorporated and Governed by the Indian Companies Act 2013. Company Formation in India is a Purely Separate Legal entity distinct from its members and directors. The business under this structure can be done by making investment through the equity shares in the Company. It has the advantage of limited liability, greater stability and recognition. The Basic Requirement for a in Company Incorporation in India is to have Minimum Two Directors and Two Shareholders.

These are closely held businesses usually by family, friends and relatives.

Private companies may issue stock and have shareholders Their shares need not be traded on public exchanges and are not required to be issued through an initial public offering.

Shareholders may not be able sell their shares without the agreement of the other agreement of the other
Almost 93 percent of the companies incorporated in India are registered as Private Limited Companies.[15]

Earlier, the shareholders had to pay a minimum of ₹ 1 lakh as a subscription amount to incorporate a private limited company. Now, there is no such requirement.

Private Limited Company is a Company which has a Minimum of Two members and a Maximum of 200 Members.
Private. Ltd. Offers Limited Liability or Legal Protection for its Shareholders.
A Private Limited Company lies between a partnership and widely owned public company.
A Private Limited Company is identified by the company name, number of members, formation, directors, meetings, shares, etc.

Private Limited Company is “Limited by Shares” i.e. there are shareholders associated with the company and the theoretical value of the shares & any paid in return for the issue of shares by the corporation is limited to the capital which is initially invested.

Private limited company is the most popular corporate entity amongst small, medium and large businesses in India due to various advantages.

Ideal for Startups & Growing Business
Easy to Get Funding, Raise Venture Capital Fund
Has Limited Liability

Private Limited Companies are the most preferred option for any startup that is looking at scaling up by external funding as it is very easy in Private Limited Company to issue fresh equity shares in lieu of funding received.

A Private Limited Company is recommended for any business that is considering FDI or Employee Stock Options or Equity funding or Venture Capital funding.

Private limited company offers its promoters a better image or standing than that of a LLP. Private limited company also enjoys better access to funding from banks and foreign direct investment.

A private company can start its business as soon as it is incorporated. Further You Can Register Your Private Limited on your residential address(No office set-up required).

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