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Legal research in India involves the following:

Understanding and having an overview on the Indian Legal System
Ancient Hindu law dates back to the Dharmasastras and Smritis
Islamic law during the Muslim rulers time and its impact
British rule and its impact
Constitution of India
Indian Sources of Law
Precedents (Judicial decisions)
International Conventions / treaties ratified by the Government
Legislation in India
Supreme and sub-ordinate legislation
Delegated legislation
Hierarchy of Law
Finding legislative material
Official Publications: Constitution, Gazette of India, State Gazettes etc.
Places of research
Law Libraries
Citation of legislation
Citation of articles of the Constitution
Citation of sections of the Legislation
Mode of Citation of various legislation
Case law material
Official reports
Unofficial reports (AIR etc)
Other reports
High Court reports
Specialized law reports (Labour Law Journal, Labour and Industrial Cases, Industrial Court Reporter, Labour Law Reporter, Criminal Law Journal, Income Tax Reports etc)
Citation of cases
Formation of quoting a citation
Citation of law reports
Other material
General material
Law dictionaries
Law journals and legal periodicals
Internet websites, CD ROM etc.
Text books or treatise and academic material

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