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Every growing business, at some stage, will have to register themselves for Provident Fund. Hence, we thought of making this convenient guide that will simplify the process for you. Here’s all you need to know while registering for PF:

Are you eligible to register online?

The following establishments can file an online application for a PF code:

Establishments to which the provisions of the EPF & MP Act, 1952 apply

Exempt establishments that have voluntarily applied for PF

Establishments that already have a code number but might want a separate code number for a branch unit in the interest of administrative convenience

Existing establishments that already have a code number do not have to apply for a new code but they can fill up Form 5A (PF registration form) online.

Documents that you need for registration:

A scanned copy of your pan card is a must.

You’ll need to send a scanned copy of a cancelled cheque.

The activity of the establishment identified in the List.

In cases of previous coverage under ESIC.

Of establishment as per p.2 of Instruction Sheet. List of branches and addresses with number of employees at each branch

For voluntary coverage with employee details and signatures as well as date of agreement

Of Establishment with proof

Ownership details and necessary proof

Including personal details (for factory only)

Start of lease and lessee (s) details

Number, date, issuing authority and date of trial production for factories

Application date, number of excluded employees & date on which employees crossed 19 or relevant threshold

What do you do post submission?
Once you submit the online application, following the instructions below:

1.You will receive an SMS notifying you about the allotment of the code number, along with a login ID and password

2.Login through the Employer Portal with the login credentials provided and create a permanent login ID and password

3.Start remittance by uploading the ECR text file generated through Quikchex “Forms” section

4.The Provident Fund Code Number Intimation Letter will be available for download once you login

5.The code allotment letter will have all the documents mentioned in the application printed on it and Form 5A and a blank specimen signature card. The code letter will be treated as incomplete without Form 5A

6.Download and send the code letter to the EPFO Office with copies of all the required documents and a copy of the completed application. Have all original documents handy for verification by the EPFO Authorities during post coverage inspection

7.If PAN verification fails due to a mismatch between PAN and name, the owner will receive a rejection SMS

8.An error while filling out the PAN or name correctly will require a re-submission and a repeat of the process

Digital Signatures

Why do you need a digital signature?

To complete the KYC documentation and to complete the PF transfer claim, a Digital Signature (Class II or above) of the authorized person is required to be registered with EPFO department.

Where to register the signatures?

Through the Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP), fill in the names, designations and mobile numbers of the authorized signatories. Following which, upload the digital certificate of the authorized signatories.

How many signatories can one entity have?

You can upload signatures of up to 3 authorized signatories.

Next steps after uploading the digital signatories?

Print a letter (in duplicate) on the Company letterhead which is to be signed by the employer authorizing the officials of the establishment for the purpose. The letter would have to be signed by the authorized signatories in the relevant column.

How long does the process take?

The digital signature will take 10 days to get activated in the admin portal (OTCP). The employer can then digitally sign and submit the claims.

How to change signatories or signatures?

You can revoke a signature of an authorized signatory through the OTCP. On revocation, the digital signatures of the respective signatory would be suspended and any digital claim received thereafter signed digitally by the respective signatory would be rejected. Print a letter (in duplicate) and submit it to the EPFO office to complete the revocation process. The letter can be printed from the OTCP. The rest of the revocation process mimics the signature registration process.

What is Form 9?

Along with completing the digital signature process, you have to submit Form 9 and a specimen signature. This is a hard copy containing the list of employees at the respective PF office. For any new employee this form can be submitted on monthly or quarterly basis.

What is Specimen Signature letter ?

Any withdrawal claim or employee related document that is submitted to the PF office, should be authorized by a person appointed by the employer. This authorized person’s details along with specimen signature has to be submitted to the PF office to ensure proper completion of the process.

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