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Contents of a Legal Notice.

A legal notice must include the following:
1.Concise statement of the material facts giving rise to the claim;
2.Relief sought by the plaintiff against each named defendant;
3.Concise summary of the legal basis for the relief sought.
It is very important that your legal notice is drafted elaborately covering all things that you demand from the opponent.

Procedure to File Legal Notice

1.You can draft the notice yourself or avail the services of an Advocate.
2. The notice should be addressed to the person/opposite party against whom you have the grievances.
3. Mention the cause that compelled you to send the notice.
4. Mention previous communications regarding the cause of notice.
5. Offer the addressee a reasonable time say 30 days or 60 days to settle the matter by negotiating and by performing the desired action.
6. Give time in notice for either fulfillment of your demand or giving reply
7. Sent it through Registered AD post.
Keep a copy of receipt of post office as well as notice.

You can personally send the legal notice without an Advocate but it is advised that draft the notice meticulously, in such a way that it is not lengthy and containing all the material contents related to the cause.
Though every Legal-Notice can be legally sent through person himself also– but on the basis of experience it is advisable that technical legal notice be drafted by an Advocate.

How will I share the information with Lawyer?

You can either meet the lawyer or discuss it over a phone call. Both the options are available to you. Only after a thorough discussion, your legal notice gets prepared and sent.

Is it necessary to send Legal Notice?

It has been seen as per the recent stats, 73% of the complaints with prior legal notice gets disposal at a faster rate in Consumer Courts. A Legal Notice finely drafted in legal language can make your representation stronger and get you relief faster. It might be the case, possibly your grievance will end at this stage only.

Who will send the Legal Notice?

You can speak to the lawyer and share your case details. Based on your inputs, the legal notice gets drafted and stamped by the lawyer. You can send the legal notice yourself or from the lawyer’s office


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